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   For many years Turkey had suffered one of the biggest problems in manufacturing good quality gel washing-up detergents because of the unrestrained use of technology could not stand in the way of unregulated manufacturer which has been producing inferior quality products under rogue conditions, and low-cost unreliable distribution. 

The main frustration  we have is that  this method of manufacturing-as mentioned above-without regulation, lack of quality control and using cheap raw materials has been affecting the bona fide and reputable manufactures, like us, in a negative way

   For the consumer who uses these types of products the end result which they suffer is an obvious one; they are often than not faced with some serious health and skin problems. And ill health can arise from contact with toxic substances. Like stomach cramps, burning feeling in the eyes and hands, dry skin etc. and this approach horrifies the advocates of the big firms’ like us. Not to mention the results of the washing is far from being satisfactory. These firms’ main aims are a quick profit, by cutting corners, regardless of the consequences of what harm that their products may cause to the consumer.

   We, as Peril Kimya, with our all up to date equipment, actual functionality /refining tools, with the addition of well trained personnel, and for years having been under the strict control of the government, can safely say that we are well qualified to produce high quality products and pitch them at the lower end of the market with intention to drive high volumes at a low average selling price.

   When we have studied the methods and principles of these rogue manufactures, their functionally and speed is nothing compared to Peril Kimya. Speed and functionality are what enhance user experience, and user experience is king. People shop by product and brand. All they are interested in is the most direct journey to a quality product at a right price.


   This formula pre-eminently in tune with the times.


Our Key features are:

  • Big Imagery
  • Ability and flexibility.
  • Ability to set display foreign currencies and set multiple prices in different territories
  • Ability to work with foreign character sets
  • Built in Stock management system,
  • Easy to use content-management system
  • Customer data base
  • Integration into payment system

   We must never forget that our health and wealth are very important to us all. By choosing and using the right product you are never far away from a healthy life and a healthy purse.