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R & D and laboratory upgrading the quality of production as a result of our work and to keep it constant, but the specific right-the right amount of product, quality and sürereklilik supply of raw materials through which we saw. 

Specific Product: Sometimes some other raw materials that contain raw materials react with the reverse may be available within a structure. I like all processes that may occur in this production, the final shelf products can be seen at a later date. This temperature, pH, water hardness and similar cases, such as that due to the content or quality of the raw material is formed in the generated due. 


The Right Amount of the Right Product: Here's to solve this problem, but also how they interact with other raw materials that require information. Version, the same material also can be different. Or substitute a similar product called can also see the same thing. One of the biggest problems encountered from time to time the correct amount has been the inability to set. Held at the economic purpose is not fulfilled enough raw functionality and post-production of labor-time-budget balance will be reflected as a loss in the household. Even if the rich more than the market price of raw material products kept on creating a cost in terms of competition will negatively affect the product. Also more unexpected held raw products are reactive can result. 

Quality: domestic and abroad on the principle of quality products with a very large and there are a lot of producers of raw materials. However, the competition among them can be seen in the market from time to time. Companies wishing to compete in this period to change their formulations and reduce costs is to go to. These raw materials are produced as damage to the structure of the product to the existence of process problems, needing more raw material to product, product potential deterioration of quality is going up. Another factor overlooked the European Chemical Organization accepted as more or less than the standards that may occur due to the materials used are natural and human factors. They are harmful to nature, which can be very dangerous for human health are the conditions. Especially in the European Chemical Organization's prediction that the carcinogenic effect of standard products in the selfless acts of some companies is not enough. As this will affect your product, brand value, firm-market terms will affect your balance at all bad. 


Continuity: To avoid such situations, but with high quality raw materials and high-quality producers to make long-term cooperation can be avoided. Has produced consistent quality of the product should be essential. Each discharge otherwise, different products will occur after each production. This is going to change both the costs, as well as customers' products in the market and will negatively affect your own reference. Situations in which there is a continuity of most problems. As the continuity of supply problems experienced in production is observed during the continuous. Have received the ordered product can not be produced on time, on time shipment and delivery date can not be on the upswing brings a lot of problems. Especially with overseas exports and imports to raise the ship on time because many companies have lost potential customers schedule. 


With 35 years of experience in Peril Chemistry in 2015 for this type of problems not encountered by the use of their products that we have in our "Textile Chemicals and Detergent Hamad on" will help you. 


With our team of experts in order to increase the efficiency of your production with our support will be with you all.


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